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The bedroom is a place where one can be totally oneself. It is the room where we spend most of the time to sleep and relax.

  • The beds should be placed more towards the southwest of the room but never in the southwest corner. One should sleep with head towards the south for sound sleep and better health.
  • The lighting should be a soothing general illumination.
  • Lights should be planned in such a way that it must create a light , romantic , relaxing environment. Table lamps or hanging lamp shades provides the room a very aesthetic look.
  • The master bedroom should be positioned in the south-west corner of the house. Beds should be placed in the south-west corner of the room. Bed should not be put under a beam.
  • One should never sleep under a Beam . this will affect their health.
  • Never Keep Gods Statues in the Bedroom Vastu suggest paintings of nature scenes, prayer, and temples .Avoid keeping heavy statues in the northeast corner of the room
  • Never keep a Fish tank in the Bedroom.
  • Always Sleep with your Head in the South this will give you good Sleep . Never Sleep with ure head in the North Dead body's head are kept towards the north . Mental sickness increases and there is a likelihood of reduction in the life span.


The kitchen is best only in the South east portion of the House The presiding deity of S.E. is Agni, the God of fire. Therefore, as per VASTU kitchen should be on the South East.

  • Never Have a kitchen in the North east this will seriously effect the prosperity and curtail peace and mutual love in the family.
  • The pipelines of the bathroom and the kitchen should have an outlet in the east or the north direction.
  • Wastewater in the kitchen should always flow towards east and north.
  • Kitchen is at the South-West direction affects the head of the family.
  • Do not construct toilets and puja-room next to the kitchen.
  • One should always face the East or North while cooking.
  • The door of the kitchen should be in the north, east or north-east direction .
  • Cooking Gas/Range should be in the south-east part of the kitchen. Sink in the kitchen should be installed in the north east.
  • Windows are best in the east or North or North East.
  • Wall cabinets are best on the West and South Walls.
  • Water Filter should always be in the North East.
  • Refrigerators are best in the South West corner.


  • The puja room or the Mandir should be in the north-east corner or the North East of the Property or the North East Room of the Bungalow.
  • The puja room should never be in the bedroom.
  • The pooja room or the Mandir should never be in the basement .
  • One should never use poojaroom for any other purpose like storage.
  • Ensure that the toilet is not adjoining the pooja room, and not even above or below the prayer room.
  • Never place any photographs to dead people in the pooja room.
  • The Deity facing the West and the person offering prayers facing the East is considered the best as per VASTU.
  • Avoid keeping the heavy idols in the mandir , pictures can be placed instead.
  • Idols brought from ancient temples in the desecrated form should not be kept in the worship room.
  • The idols should not be kept in the wall by cutting the wall or touching the wall. They should be kept at least an inch away from the wall.


  • Attached toilets in the North-west and west are permissible. The commode should face north-south.
  • Never build toilets in the North East as North East is the Abode of the prosperity and success, Thus a Toilet here seriously effects the welfare of the inhabitants .
  • Mirrors in the toilet may be on the north and east walls.
  • Use Light colours in the Bathroom tiles. The Floor of the Bathroom should never use Black colour.
  • The slope of the flooring in the bathrooms should be in the east or the north direction.


According to the principles of Vastu Shastra , some Plots or properties are more auspicious and some are entirely unsuitable for living .
Below mentioned are some of the points which one should consider while buying a plot:
  • 1. Avoid Barren Land with no sign of greenery.
  • 2. Avoid Land on which shadow of temple, towers, temple walls, temple flag post fall from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • 3. Avoid buying a land with too much wet soil or water seeping from ground.
  • 4. A plot which is narrower in the west or in south, in comparison to the north and east portion, is not good.
  • 5. Land with many cracks in the soil/ground is not good for living.

Also you should never purchase the land from the following .

  • From people who have a lot of sickness in the family.
  • From people who have failed and become bankrupt.
  • Land or property belonging to any temple, or Ashram or any other religious organization.
  • Land containing ant-hills , bones , skeletons.
  • Houses sold by distressed , unfortunate people
  • Plots facing North and East Road gives Overall Prosperity
  • Plots facing West Road gives Name and Fame
  • Plots facing South Road are good for Business
  • Plots facing East & South Roads is Good for Females
  • Plots facing West & North Roads are Good
  • Plots facing South & West Roads are Average
  • Plots facing North & South Roads are Average
  • Plots having roads on three sides are weak
  • Plots having roads on all the sides are The Best
  • Plots facing road with T-Junction are Weak
  • Plot at the end of the road is Not a Good plot

Some Important Things to remember when you build your house.

  • Main Doors , Bedroom Door Doors of kitchen and bathroom should  always Open Inside .
  • Never fix a mirror on South and West wall .
  • Bedrooms should be in South and West Side of the Apartment of Plot .
  • Master bed room is best Recommended to be in South-West.
  • While sleeping head should be in South or East .
  • In bed rooms, always use bed of 4 (four) legs only.
  • Never keep leg on leg while sleeping.
  • Toilets & bathrooms should be in North-West portion.
  • All rain water should flow from South to North and West to East only.
  • Drainage pipes should be in North or East portion of the plot or house.
  • Slope of the plot - North-East should be lowest Compared to the whole Plot South-West should be highest.
  • Toilet seat (W.C.) should not be East-West , It should be North-South only.
  • Out houses should not touch the compound wall of North and East side.
  • Face East of North Directions while reading or transacting any business deal.
  • Face East while cooking, West will be allowed if there is no alternative, but never face South while cooking.
  • Staircase should be in South, West or South-West but if it is wooden than it can be anywhere even in North or East.
  • Stairs should go from North to South or East to West.
  • Stairs should always be in clock wise direction.
  • Over-head water tank should be in South-West. And if it is in North-West, then any other higher structure to be made in South-West. It should not touch the slab it should be above and on four pillars.

  • Big trees should not be grown in North or East. They should be in South or West side of the house.
  • Never put the poster of crying girl, war scene,  angry man and pigeon, crow, owl or eagle, these are inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra .