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A Well Designed factory as Per Vastu Shastra Always Plays a Very Important Role in terms of wealth and Prosperity of the Business. The site on which factory is being constructed and the Surroundings Also Play a Major Role as Per Vastu . When You have a Vastu Assessment of your Factory Done by a Proper Vastu Expert this helps detecting problems at site by analyzing it thoroughly and correctly it with Proper remedies Like Pyramids , Crystals , Yantras and Gems in order to Enhance the Positive Energies of the Land .

  • Any Factory or Industry  Construction done as per, Vastu Shastra help in getting more Business.
  • As Per Vastu Factory Gates in north-east or east or north or north-west are Best recommended.
  • Main roads towards east, north or north-east are advisable with wide gates on two sides.
  • Construction  building A new Factory or Industry require Huge Investments & Have multi tasking activities taking place simultaneously namely, Land Acquisition , Raw material Purchasing, Architecture and Planning , Accounting, Liaising with government Department , And, more importantly taking care of HUMAN RESOURCES (labor related issues). Proper Vastu helps in co-coordinating these activities thereby generating growth for the investors.
  • Vastu Shastra helps you select the Right plot for construction of Factory or Industry Thus Avoiding Problems later.
  • As Per Vastu Simple techniques like proper placement of MAIN GATES in Proper Padasa help in a long way to generate positive energy & better Business flow.
  • Vastu Shastra explains how to get the most profits out of any construction activity by channelizing positive energy with the help proper construction formulae as per VASTU.
  • Vastu Shastra can be applied to improve the moral of the work force and avoid Labor problems in Factories offices  or Industries  which has in return increased the productivity.
  • Guard room of the Factory should be either on north-west side of north gate of southeast side of east-gate.
  • Minimum space should be kept in south and west of the Factory or Industry where big trees could be grown. More open space should be left in north and east where lawns and other greenery can be grown.
  • The floor levels of the factory Building in south-west must be higher than other sides and height of the building also must be higher than all the other corners. Care has to be taken to have the store rooms in the Factory Building in south-west fully loaded with stocks to the extent possible As and when the stocks are consumed they should be replaced immediately.
  • As Per Vastu Car parking or Truck Parking may be provided in north-west if open area is available. West is Also Fine .
  • Administrative Offices of the Factory  are to be located either in north or east side of the Factory Building, away from boundary walls with less height than the main factory. Here special care has to be taken in keeping north east corner of the Plot open.
  • As Per Vastu  Staff quarters may be constructed in south-east and north-west. If quarters are multi-storied and if the height is more than that of main factory, they should be constructed in south-west without touching the main premises.
  • As per Vastu Toilets should be placed in north-west or south-eastern part of the buildings, and not in north-east or south-west.
  • Underground Wells, bore wells, water sumps and water ponds etc... should be in the north-eastern area.
  • Vastu Rules Suggest that over head tanks may be erected in west and nearby, duly maintaining the heights. North-east sides including north and east should be avoided, for constructing overhead tanks.
  • As Per Vastu Heavy machinery has to be installed in south, west or south-west side of the factory. 
  • Raw materials storage as Per Vastu  whether inside factory or sheds outside, should be in south or west or south-west.
  • Products under process or unfinished goods may be kept in west direction.
  • As Per Vastu Shastra Finished products are to be kept in the north-west corner or Section of the Factory Building as  It will help for quick movement of the stocks.
  • Weighing machine may be located near the gate either in north or east because that area is not subjected to permanent weight.
  • Transformers, generators, motors, boilers, furnaces, oil engines should be kept in south-east or close to south-east.

Vastu Reasons for Loss or Poverty .

I Have Seen that Mant Times People Buy a Property and when they Shift in that Property there is an immence Loss of Wealth or Loss of Health to the Persons Living in that Property. There are Various Resaons for His Loss a Few I have Mentioned Below.

As per the Rules of Vastu Shastra one can check the Following points that can be the reasons for your Loss in Life or Loss in business .

  • Your Home or Office or Factory  is very close to Shiva, Vishnu or Shakti temple.
  • There is a temple on the right side or straight ahead of the gate may also causes loss in a persons life.
  • As per the Rules of Vastu , there should be Empty Space in the North East Direction / Side of the House , office or Factory  considerably less open space in the north-east side  or heavy machinery here  in the north-east portion Leads to Considerable Losses.
  • If the Eldest earning  member of the family is living in the north-east bedroom /  portion of the house will find difficulty in Career or Business . He may also become Lazy or lethargic .
  • Bathroom / Toilets in the North East are Very Destructive for the Persons Living in the House.
  • The road in the front of the building or Factory  is higher than the floor inside the building.
  • The plot is facing south-west Direction .
  • The slope of the floor of the Home or Office  is towards the south-west Direction .
  • There is a damaged / uninhabited or deserted building exactly opposite to your house or office .
  • The picture of god signifying wealth like Kubera or Lakshmi, has been placed facing towards the exit.
  • The East Direction of the house is higher than the west Direction  of the house, considering both floor level and building level. This is BAd as per Vastu and leads to loss of opportunities .
  • There are tall trees in the north-east side of the house blocking morning sunlight.
  • There is a well in the south of southeast, in west, or south-west of the house/building.
  • The overhead tank has been constructed in the north-east Direction of the house.
  • Store room in the house or office building is in the northeast of the plot.

Slope of Land or Flooring as per Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Free Tips / Rules for the Flooring and Slopes.

  • West Direction
    Side elevated or High or Sloping towards the east: promotes material growth and prosperity.
  • South Direction
    elevated or High and a slope towards the north brings in wealth to the persons living in the House.
  • East Direction
    elevated or A slope towards west Direction = loss of wealth.
  • North Direction
    elevated or A sloping towards south: loss of Loss of Wealth , Sudden and Unexpected Expenses in life .
  • Northeast Direction
    elevated - sloping towards southwest is bad. No Prosperiety - Disputes and Discord among the family members.
  • Southeast Direction
    elevated - sloping towards northwest is good.
  • Northwest Direction
    elevated - sloping towards southeast is bad = Bad for all the females of the House .
  • Southwest Direction
    elevated - sloping towards northeast is good = Immense Prosperity
  • South east Direction
    and east elevated - west and northwest are low-lying is good .
  • South Direction and Southeast Direction
    elevated - north and northwest low brings name and fame in all activities.
  • Southwest Direction and South Direction
    elevated North Direction and Northeast Direction low-lying, the family members will grow and be very Prosperous and be long lived.
  • West Direction and southwest Direction
    elevated - northeast and east low-lying brings welfare and comfort to the persons living in the house .
  • West Direction and northwest Direction
    high - east Direction and southeast Direction low, is said to create disturbance and enmity in the house among the family members.